Placencia is a peninsula located on the Caribbean coast of Southern Belize in the Stann Creek District. The village is approximately 160 miles from Belize City. Visitors can travel by land, air or sea to get to Placencia. The most popular way to travel is by a shuttle services provided by Tukan Shuttles and Adventures. Guests get to enjoy the scenic views of the most magnificent highway in Belize, the Humming Bird Highway. Along the way you will see the Maya Mountains, Belize Rainforests and get a glimpse of the Sleeping Giant. Travel smoothly in a comfortable air-conditioned and modern vehicle from anywhere in Belize and enjoy your “101” time with our drivers, who are eager to share the top things to see, taste and explore in Placencia.

The drive from Belize City to Placencia is approximately 3.5 hours.
We offer free pickups within Belize City limits and an additional fee may be included for pickup in areas not within the City boundary.

Other options for traveling to Placencia:

  • Flying via Tropic Air from Belize City to Placencia is about thirty minutes (without any delay time) and costs over $81USD per person. Flights can be scheduled from the International or Municipal Airport in Belize. Travelling by plane is recommended for those looking for a faster way of getting to your destination but at a higher price.
  • Travelling by public bus from Belize City to Placencia is around $15USD. If you are travelling from the Philip Goldson International Airport, Belize Water Taxi or your hotel, you can get a taxi to take you to the Belize City bus terminal.
  • Taxi Prices:
    • International Airport to Belize City Bus Terminal: Approximately $50USD
    • Belize Water Taxi to Belize City Bus Terminal: $5USD
    • Hotels within Belize City Limit to Belize City Bus Terminal: Approximately $5USD


Depending on the time you arrive at the bus terminal, you can either get on an “express” or “regular” bus. Several bus companies provide travel to Placencia at different times. Be sure to get on the bus that has a sign marked Belmopan, Dangriga or Punta Gorda. Public transportation is recommended for tourists who pack light and it is cost effective for those who are not in a rush. There will be two terminal stops and a number of shorter stops along the way before you reach your destination.