Background Information

Tikal is an ancient ruin called Yax Mutal. It is one of the largest archaeological sites located 19 miles north of Lake Petén Itza in the Northern Region of El Petén, Guatemala. Tikal forms part of Guatemala’s Tikal National Park which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.The Tikal Tour takes you back in time where you get to observe and experience the architectural features of the ruins and learn about the daily lives and practices of the Mayans.

The Tikal Tour allows visitors to experience and observe a unique opportunity of the awesome architectural features of the ruins and also ponder the nature of the prehistoric human utilization. The tour embarks from San Ignacio Town at 7:30am from San Ignacio to the Western Border. Guests are assisted with crossing the Guatemala border safely. You will then meet with your guide (who speaks fluent English) and driven for another 1.5 hours of beautiful scenery of villages, farms, rainforests and lake. When you arrive at Tikal National Park, you will explore for 4 hours the most important Mayan site with over 3000 structures that has been excavated so far. Your guide will take you back in time of the daily life and practices of the ancient Mayas while you wander through the maze of magnificent ceremonial temples, twin pyramids, ball courts and climb the 44-meter Temple of The Grand Jaguar. Along the tour you will see wild life such as howler monkeys, coatis and birds. After the tour, you will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant which offers a wide option of food for you to choose from. Before heading back across the border to Belize, you will have time to shop for souvenirs and crafts to take back to your love ones.

Things to Know

  • Don’t forget to bring along your passport.
  • Dress comfortable
  • Estimated time of tour: Approx. 9hrs

Meeting / Pickups

Meetings/Pick ups

  • Hotel 


  • Local souvenir vendor

Tour Package Includes

  • Tour of Tikal Mayan Ruins
  • Admission fee
  • Border Fee
  • Lunch

What to Bring

  • Passport
  • Extra cash (to purchase souvenirs)
  • Snacks and extra water
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Spray
  • Camera
  • Sturdy walking shoe